Despite its small format, the design of a greeting or invitation card
may be a home for quite a lot of conceptual solutions.
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About Me

My name is Andrei Mishin. I'm a graphic designer.

I've been a designer of printed products for 12 years : leaflets, catalogues, presentations; I develop logos and identities, but what I like most, it's to create individual greeting and invitation cards and to put people in good spirits.

I'm fond of my job. It's my hobby, to which I devote myself fully. When I work over a project, I want my customer to say upon completion: "Yes, it's just what I wanted to get! That's how I imagined this!" So, I have a careful approach to every client, I scrutinize all the client's needs, I delve into the finer points so that I can bring all the client's desires to life. Each and every of my work is not just a professional design, but also the maximum consistence with the expectations of my happy clients!

Best regards, Andrei Mishin.

Work Examples

Despite its small format, the design of a greeting or invitation card may be a home for quite a lot of conceptual solutions. An idea can be designed for a large circulation or a piecework, almost handy production. The design of a greeting or invitation card can tell about the presenter much more than other representative material, and the addressee will definitely remember it.

As to greeting cards, they can be divided into topical and general.

Topical cards can be presented all year round (Congratulations, Sorry, I love you, I miss you, Get well soon, We wish you every happiness in your new home, Good luck etc.); seasonal (Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Happy Easter, congratulations with the International Women's Day, Defender of the Motherland Day, Victory Day etc.).

General cards are cards on general themes (flowers, pictures, arts etc.).

There's one more type of greeting cards — corporate cards. They're individually designed cards reflecting a company's brand book and corporate style.

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For every holiday, we need to make gifts and enclose cards to them. But if you present an individually designed card, it'll be a meaningful and beautiful gift and greeting for everyone.

Please, fill in a small brief form and don't miss to indicate your e-mail. The brief will help me better understand what you need.Upon receipt of your order, I'll contact you within one day to discuss the order's details and final price.

Brief Form
I'll reply to you on this e-mail within one day
One person or a group of people, a company's staff
Put your signature or remain anonymous
For instance, seasonal greetings, Happy Birthday, the International Women's Day
An individual greeting/invitation card
For instance, the colour and style you want the card to be designed in
Choose "Yes" if you want to choose between several designs. If you want to rely on my taste, choose "NO", and I'll make a design on my own or use my groundwork.
I'll send you an e-mail with payments details of your chosen method of payment
The approximate price of the design of an individual greeting card is from EUR 90 to 250
The design term is 1-4 days. Upon completion, I'll provide you with a JPG image of the card
and, if needed, a layout to be further printed at a printing-office.
Payment Methods
Temporarily inaccessible
After you fill in the brief form and we discuss all the details, I'll send you the account or payment details.
I work only on a 100% advance payment basis. The term of work completion is 2-4 days. Within 1-2 days, I will provide you with at least two drafts
of the work.You will choose one you like most and I will put the finishing touches to it.
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